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About AccuSmile Denture Clinic

Mission Statement

“It is my commitment to treat patients as I would wish to be treated. I listen to and appreciate my patients’ desires and concerns. Together we develop a vision to create personalized dentures which encompass the biological, technical and aesthetic aspects essential for comfort, appearance and function”

Denturist Alex MelnerMeet the Denturist

Alex Melner, DPD, Certified Denturist, has been in the business of making dentures for 24 years. He likes his work so much, and attributes so much meticulous perfection to it that it feels like a hobby.

“Combining the aesthetic and the technical elements of making attractive and functional dentures requires an artistic touch, as well as the technical know how.”

Alex enjoys the satisfaction of producing a finished product that makes a difference.

“Dentures are important for digestion, personal appearance and the self-confidence that follows.”

Dr. Melner received and upgraded his education in many different parts of the world, before he decided to settle in Beautiful Seattle, where he was certified as a denturist. In his life time he has made over a 15,000 dentures, and the number keeps growing with each satisfied patient.

As a devoted practitioner, Alex believes in maintaining cutting edge skills and abilities. Since 2005, he studied recent advances in denturism by taking the following continuing education courses:

  • The Esthetic Revolution in Dentures
  • Patient Driven Function and Form
  • Premium Denture Set-up and Processing Techniques
  • Premium Partial Dentures, “A Systematic Approach”
    Changing the Paradigm in Removable Prosthetics
  • Complete Denture Technology

Denture Care

Your dentures require attention when

  1. the teeth are worn and no longer cut well through food;
  2. they cause you discomfort or pain;
  3. they make you look older;
  4. the dentures are loose in your mouth.


  • Clean your dentures daily inside and out.
  • Use a brush with soft bristles, lukewarm water and denture – cleaning solution or mild soap.
  • Always clean your dentures over a basin of water or towel to avoid breakage.
  • Leave your dentures out, preferably overnight, to rest your gums and maintain healthy tissues.
  • Store dentures in water or a denture-cleaning solution to prevent them from drying out and changing shape.
  • Avoid eating hard candies such as mints. They will prematurely wear the teeth on your dentures.
  • Take your spare (old) dentures on trips in the event of a mishap.

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