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Denture Relines

“Unfortunately, the longer you wear your denture, the more your gums will change. The result is often a loose-fitting denture. In order to restore the retentive qualities of the denture, and to prevent it from irritating your gums, you should have the denture professionally relined at least once every two years.”

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There are three types of denture relines. Their costs vary depending on the material used:

accusmile denture relines


A hard reline should be done on all full dentures every two years. In order to reline the denture, the denturist removes some of the acrylic from the underside of the denture and then fills the denture with a soft material (think of a soft putty) to take an impression. The dentures are then placed back in the mouth and after the soft material hardens to a rubbery consistency, the denture is removed and now contains an accurate impression of the current shape of the gums. The impression material is then replaced with hard acrylic that conforms to the contours of the mouth and provides maximum contact with the tissues.

At Accusmile, relines are finished the same day, so you don’t have to be without your denture for very long. If an impression is taken in the morning, the reline will be ready in the afternoon.


Occasionally, patients can’t wear their ordinary dentures because of sore spots from tender gums. In these cases, the denture can be relined with a softer material that remains pliable for about a year before it needs replacement.

Soft liners are most often required by patients with a flattened ridge on their lower jaw. The denture receives the soft liner either when a patient is having new dentures made or existing ones relined. For patients with a flattened ridge, a denture with a soft liner retains in the mouth quite nicely because it conforms closely to the shape of their gums.

TEMPORARY RELINE (therapeutic reline )

If a patient’s dentures have not been serviced in such a long time that the patient’s gums are in terrible condition, be they red, swollen or quite misshapen. Relining the old denture or using impressions taken while the gums are in such poor condition would simply perpetuate the problem.

When faced with this problem, denturists use a temporary reline material to allow the inflammation to subside. The temporary reline is only meant to be worn for a few weeks until the gums return to a more normal state. Afterwards, the patient is ready for either a new denture or a hard reline on their existing denture.


A rebase is often done when the denture has multiple cracks, repairs or no longer fits, but the teeth are still in good condition and fit comfortably with the teeth on your opposing arch. After a denture has been rebased, the only parts of the old denture that remain are the teeth. A rebase does not replace any lost facial dimension, but the old denture will be revitalized and feel much more comfortable. This procedure generally takes two days in-lab to complete.

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