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Most Denture Repairs can be completed within an hour!

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Get your new Dentures & Denture Partials in under 2 weeks!

Full (Complete) Dentures
denturesRestore confidence in your appearance and your ability to Eat & Speak normally.

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Partial Dentures
partial denturesFill in embarrassing missing teeth gaps, restore your ability to eat naturally and Comfortably.

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Denture Repair
denture repairsOur Professional Denture Repair is an affordable solution to prolong denture life.

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Welcome to AccuSmile Denture Center

Are you having trouble getting the denture services you need from your primary dental-care provider?

Get the expert attention of the denture professionals at ACCUSMILE DENTURE CENTER. We have the services for all your denture needs including new dentures, denture repairs, denture relines and more. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate!

Accusmile Denture are proud to provide top quality treatment using the latest techniques and materials available on the market today.

Our State-of-the-Art Denture Lab, located on site, allows for a precise and continuous process of denture fabrication. Because we do everything here, it’s also more affordable for you, the patient.

We are a family run clinic, providing personal attention to each and every patient; we treat you like we would treat our friends and family. We love what we do, and it shows on the smiles of our patients.

For more information or to receive a free consultation, please contact us today!

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denture relinesDenture Relines

Unfortunately, the longer you wear your denture, the more your gums will change. The result is often a loose-fitting denture. In order to restore the retentive qualities of the denture, and to prevent Continue Reading…

implanted denture retainerImplant Retained Dentures

Implants are an increasingly popular option for replacing missing teeth rather than conventional bridges or partial dentures. They are inserted directly into the jawbone like the roots of natural teeth Continue Reading…

dental night guardsDental Night Guards

Many people grind and clench their teeth at night. Typically the canines and incisors move against each other laterally which, over time, breaks down the tooth enamel, removes the sharp biting surfaces Continue Reading…